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Doing it specially for you, makes sense.

In four steps you will have a memorable and special experience for your clients. 


1. Tell us your story

We like knowing the story of your space to capture its essence. Tell us your special story, the one of your hotel, your employees, your guests and you. Together we create your olfactory brief, a smell footprint that uses different perception psychology technics to know what we are aiming to transmit with your fragrance. 

2. We create a special fragrance

We then do the magic, and develop a special fragrance for you, one that tells your story and leaves a foot print. We use the best raw materials and combine them so you can test and try different options and variations of your olfactive footprint.   

3. We do MS special olfactory test

We have a special way of showing you the result, we do a special meeting in which you will feel the fragrances like you haven't felt them before. You will feel them in different fun ways to choose the one you like most. 

4. We choose where do you want to have your fragrance

Finally, we aromatize your spaces with your fragrance, to complement the experience of your brand and feel it in your spaces.

Also, we can create delicious products of the best quality without harmful ingredients to extend your brand experience, such as soy wax candles, flax water or bath cosmetics.

At this moment you start to create a memorable experience for your customers.


You are part of the family that makes sense.
You can feel proud of having a memorable and exquisite experience that honors the planet we live in.

Smell and smile.
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